Der türkische Islamofaschismus

Der Eintrag gilt dem Phänomen – nicht dem Begriff – wie es exemplarisch von İbrahim Karagül, Chefredakteur von Yeni Şafak und seinem Kolumnisten Yusuf Kaplan im Middleeastobserver dargestellt wurde. Ich werde ausführlich, lediglich um Ausschmückungen bereinigt, zitieren, wenige Anmerkungen und Hervorhebungen bei- und ein Nachwort anfügen.

Zunächst We must break the siege line stretching from the Mediterranean to Iran vom 7. Okt.’16.

We experienced the invasion of Afghanistan. The gate of Central Asia fell in to the hands of the Western forces. We experienced the invasion of Iraq. The heart of Mesopotamia was taken over by Western forces. We experienced the Arab Spring and the geography’s entire hopes of freedom that were buried into the ground. We witnessed Yemen …

[Den im Westen so genannte „Houthi-Aufstand“, von den Chaos-Reitern und auch dem neuen US-Sicherheitsberater Flynn zum „iranischen Terrorismus“ erklärt, deklariert Karagül zur westlichen Machenschaft!]

… the terrorism industry, official human trafficking, intelligence organizations as terror bosses … We witnessed more systematic practices such as ethnic disintegration and the sectarian crisis. The geography in which we live has been subjected to dire interventions …

All this happened in the last two decades. In the last decade, we saw all sorts of coup, terrorism, ethnic- and sect-based conflict scenarios specific to Turkey alone, in addition to vivid revolution trials, the Dec. 17 and Dec. 25 intervention and lastly the July 15 invasion and civil war attack.
[Ich weiß nicht, worauf Karagül mit den Dezember-Daten anspielt, vielleicht kann ein Leser was dazu beitragen (die englische wiki gibt dazu nichts her), mit dem 15. Juli ist der zum „Putschversuch“ deklarierte Staatsstreich Erdogans gemeint]
We witnessed a complete siege and hostage-taking will and interventions linked to this outside our borders.The EU … suddenly turned into an anti-Turkey front. The U.S., with which we have been strategic partners for 60 years, started plans aimed at sieging Turkey. Our partner … tried … to bring Turkey to its knees …

Re-establishing Turkey: We have to make a decision

There was a Turkey project right at the center of the plans to re-shape the geography, re-draw the maps and this was probably the main objective of the multinational attacks. If Turkey cannot be taken under control, it would not be possible to redesign the geography. Hence, for the last decade, they have been attacking Turkey one after the other, wave by wave. … all the threats aimed at our country come from our partners, our allies. They almost had Turkey and Russia get into a clash …

[So] it is time to change history, time for a new assessment …time to re-establish Turkey.
Either this country will remain in its old form, with alliance-threat relations, roll in crises, be gradually dragged into division or it will re-establish itself. We have to find ways of existing through growth and gravitate toward the outside. It is time to liberate ourselves from everything we have memorized, our bigotry and molds that restrict us.

A siege plan in store from the Mediterranean to Iran

Look carefully at the developments just in our south for the last 10 days. The threat-like statements from Baghdad to Ankara have nothing to do with Iraq. What we are experiencing is not a Turkey-Iraq crisis – because there is no Baghdad administration. There is no such thing as the sovereignty of Iraq, under which there are tens of countries. The salvos targeting Turkey are ordered from the U.S. Those who want to build a terrorism corridor on Turkey’s southern border are now trying to hit from Iraq. Those trying to stop the Euphrates Shield are trying to distance us from Mosul and keep us away from both Syria and Iraq.

I want to particularly draw your attention to this map …

[Es ist keine Karte beigegeben. Sinngemäß passte etwa Ralph Peters berüchtigtes „Blood Borders“ – Beispiel hier her:ralph_peters_solution_to_mideast

Map works that wouldn’t even come to the devil’s mind are being carried out to sever all our ties with the Muslim world in the south, from the Mediterranean to the Iranian border, with the geography. This is the plan to … surround our country, confine it and suffocate it there. Also, our defense understanding that will spread to the north of the Mosul-Aleppo stretch is not going to be enough to protect Turkey. …

Euphrates Shield and Bashiqa: Stepping back would be suicide

In this aspect, Turkey’s Euphrates Shield intervention gains extraordinary importance. This intervention that needs to go deeper is the most urgent defense reflex for Turkey. Similar interventions from further east is an obligation. … Regardless of how intense the pressure becomes, stepping back from Bashiqa, withdrawal is suicide and will make our country open to all attacks.
These clever interventions by Ankara served as the best answer to the complex map works in the region and have become Turkey biggest geopolitical move after its Cyprus intervention …

Mosul: Compare the 1926 incidents to today

The U.S.’s efforts to organize the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in all these regions in the Mosul operation while trying to keep Turkey on the outside is clear enmity. It provoking Baghdad against Ankara is clear enmity. Its efforts to negate the security shield to be formed in Syria is clear enmity.(…)
Let us consider who is behind the demographic change in Iraq and Syria through the PKK. Back [in 1926] it was the British who were setting games [die Abgabe des ottomanischen Mosuls an den Irak] and now the same games are being set mostly by the U.S. But 90 years ago we were a new state that struggled to stay on its feet. Yet today, we are one of the countries in the world that have caught the brightest rise and rate of strengthening (…)

Many states may suddenly start war

We witnessed those dire developments I noted in the introduction of this column, but there is a crisis that is more important than these and it is not the region’s crisis. If a new open world war is going to happen, we need to look for the address elsewhere. … I never saw the international system get into a deadlock like today, an accumulation of stress at the global scale: a war of states becomes a possibility. …

The big war will happen between the center countries. The situation is so critical that while countries update their state of emergency laws and practices, while they suspend their human rights agreements, it means they are preparing for crises bigger than those in our region.

This clash may break out within Europe, in the Baltic region between Europe and Russia, in the Pacific region between the U.S. and Asian forces. All control mechanisms to protect the world from such a disaster have broken down …

It will hit the center economies

This is not a horror scenario. It is an assessment … I can see that many countries are in a rapid preparation for such a disaster. This threat neither concerns Turkey nor Turkish economy. Just as the economic crisis in 2008 was the crisis of the bosses of the global economy, this too, will be the same. They normalized the situation a little by burdening developing countries to pay the price of the 2008 crisis. The disaster this time round will completely hit the center economies. The developing countries that manage to remain outside the war will be able to overcome this disaster.

They are trying to blow up our region to postpone this big war … 

Zweitens: July 15 attacks continue: They are trying to create chaos through ‘secularism’, von gestern (2.2.’17)

 The violent terror attack that happened in Reina nightclub is informing us of the danger in the making: They are trying to create Alevi-Sunni tension and chaos through a “secular lifestyle” and secularism.

The long-term target is to attack Turkey’s independence and foment future struggle!

The July 15 attack continues without pause.


You need to know this reality very well: Western civilization has collapsed philosophically, culturally and artistically. (…)

They capitalized Japan, China, India and the whole world and put everyone to sleep! They fossilized all religions including Confucianism, Buddhism and Hinduism and brought them all to their knees.

Thus, they turned humanity’s deepest and greatest civilizations into anthropological material and stopped these civilizations from contributing to humanity.

But, they couldn’t fossilize Islam …

They managed to enslave the Muslim world through petro-dollar sheikhdoms for two centuries … However, they could not … bring Islam to its knees. Therefore, the imperialist Westerners have gone crazy!
Do not forget: Islam has been on the rise in both the West and the Muslim world since the 1980s: In a time zone in which the Western civilization experienced … crisis, and the notions of family and society collapsed, Islam came in like a flood

Therefore, then NATO secretary general, Willy Cleas, said, “The biggest threat before the global system is Islam,” which was then followed by the attack on the Twin Towers in the U.S. Thus, through this attack is a disgusting war waged on Islam through terrorist organizations.

(…) They went crazy because Turkey unveiled the lie of the West fighting against terrorist organizations by devastating Daesh in only a few weeks. Thus their plans were deciphered!

Russia saw this truth and supported Turkey in the field with its jets!


This was enough to enrage the U.S.-U.K. terror consortium. And this consortium attacked Turkey repeatedly: The Russian jet was downed, the Russian ambassador was killed and Russian diplomats were deported from the United States.

The game is crystal clear!

The U.S.-U.K. terror consortium … has gone to the extent of attempting to massacre the masses, the people. It is touching Turkey’s nerves and will continue to do so.

[Es folgen die für aufrührerische Reden archetypische Wiederholungen, dann:]


(…) There is only one way Turkey will reach its real independence and take firm steps toward its future: And that is to once again lay claims on its civilization, and thus refill the emptiness that was created with the disruption of the Ottomans in this land …

Turkey is the only country that can bring back peace and true independence to the region. …

Therefore, the Westerners have gone mad. Therefore they are trying to touch our nerves with their disgusting methods!

If we all clinch and band together, and if we stand against provocations, they will not succeed …God will not allow the last fortress to fall. God will not cease our hopes.


Merkt bitte darauf auf, wie das „Ottomanische Motiv“ vorkommt: Als ein propagandistisches Manöver. „Politologisch“ für die Eliten (Karagül), militaristisch, revanchistisch für die Massen.

Dies Manöver hat Eigengewicht. Ab dem ersten Tag nach Suruc, 2015, hat TomGard gepredigt, Erdogan verfolge das Ziel eines Kurdenstaates von türkischen Gnaden, dem er grundsätzlich auch ein bis zwei anatolische Provinzen zu opfern bereit wäre. Das erschien mir die Rationale in der Politik der verbrannten Erde in den östlichen Provinzen zu sein. Nach eineinhalb Jahren Radikalisierung erscheint das kaum möglich. Der Faschismus scheint sich vor dem Hintergrund seiner ideologischen Massenmobilisierung verdammt zu haben, Nordsyrien zu erobern und zu besetzen.

Doch wir haben in alledem das Führerprinzip nicht zu mißachten, das in den obigen Beispielen verräterischerweise keine Rolle spielt. Die vorgestellte, ideelle Volkseinheit ist, wie immer, eine offensive Ideologie, aber sie hat, gemessen etwa an den Verhältnissen des deutschen Nationalsozialismus, eine um Welten stärkere defensive Komponente. Ein „Merker“ dafür ist dies:

They are trying to create Alevi-Sunni tension and chaos through a “secular lifestyle” and secularism.

Das ist gleich eingangs der Massenpropaganda eine Warnung davor, die im folgenden massiv betonte „islamische“ Komponente der Fascho-Propaganda zum Anlaß einer Massenschlächterei gegen Alevis und Ungläubige in den Städten zu nehmen. Der Führer steht für die säkulare Türkei im Gefüge einer säkularen Weltordnung, welche die Türkei ja nicht umstoßen kann und will. Das religiös faschistische Element wird folgerichtig von Yusuf Kaplan als Eschatologie einer Zusammenbruchsideologie vorgestellt. Es soll die Versicherung der Türken vor dem Weltenbrand sein, nicht etwa ein nationaler Weg, ihm zuvor zu kommen.

Der türkische Islamofaschismus bleibt so der Unterwerfung unter imperiale Vorgaben und Diktate offen. Er versucht, den Preis hoch zu treiben und idealerweis‘ zu diktieren.

Vor diesem Hintergrund lest bitte auch noch Global reckoning over Syria, vom 29.12., mit der unzweideutigen Ankündigung einer Eroberung des Bezirks Manbij vom US-Centcom.
Dort nennt Cahit Tuzein Istanbuler Akademiker, ganz abseits der faschistischen Rhetorik seiner „Vorredner“ den Preis, den die Türkei im Minimum für Botmäßigkeiten gegenüber dem neuen Weißen Haus erheben solle und müsse: Abstandnahme vom Irankrieg.

Das sollte einigen Nebel über den undurchsichtigen (Quer-)Fronten lüften. Der Irankrieg ist das prominenteste Streitobjekt des Fraktionskrieges im Imperium, weil es da um den Modus der Erhaltung der militärischen US-Hegemonie über den Weltmarkt geht, und weil eine Atommacht im Imperium, die in vieler Hinsicht den Status eines amerikanischen Füderationsmitgliedes hat, Israel, die Vernichtung der islamischen Republik ultimativ einfordert, um seiner herrschenden Kriegerkaste den Stand zu erhalten. Diese zwei Quellen der Apokalypse für die Türkei, Russland, natürlich Iran, und in nicht geringem Maße auch für die EU, haben keine Verbindung miteinander.

Im Grundsatz stellt Tuz für die Türkei denselben Anspruch gegenüber der Imperiumsführung vor, wie Netanyahu es über die Jahre der Obama-Administration getan hat: Die Türkei soll US-lizensierte Regionalmacht bleiben und unter veränderten Umgebungsvariablen neu werden. Was dem einen die Vernichtung der Islamischen Republik ist dem anderen die Verschonung zugunsten einer türkischen (statt saudischen) Prärogative über die neuen Grenzziehungen in Syrien und im Irak. Grenzziehugen, welche die Konfrontation des Iran ja nicht aufgeben, ihrer Eskalation außerhalb irakischen Territoriums allerdings eine Riegel vorschieben sollen.

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