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Ja, es gab schon ein paar Ktb-Einträge, doch gestern hat ein neuer Abschnitt begonnen:

Offensive der Ziocons gegen Damaskus gestartet


US special forces, together with British and Jordanian elite troops, moved into southern Syria late Sunday, May 14. They were acting to counter the Syrian-Iranian scheme to nullify the American plan for posting Jordanian forces in southeastern Syria, which timed for the days before US President Donald Trump’s trip to the Middle East.
The US-led armored force with British and Jordanian units crossed from northern Jordan through the Tanf Border-Crossing … and took up positions capable of consolidating their control of the main road between Palmyra and Baghdad. Some of their moves were coordinated with Israel.
This push aimed at countering the drive in the last few days by hundreds of Syrian troops, Iranian-backed Shiite militias and Hizballah’s Radwan special forces … to take over the town of Sabaa Biyar. … Its high strategic importance for Tehran, Damascus and Hizballah lies in its command of the border between Syria, Iraq and Jordan and of Highway No. 1. … DEBKAfile’s military sources explain that Damascus and Tehran acted to pre-empt the US-Jordanian-Israeli military operations along the Israeli and Jordanian borders with Syria, lest they lead to the carving out of US-controlled security zones in southern Syria.

Vor sechs Tagen hatte Al Manar mitgeteilt:

… al-Mayadeen a rendu compte lundi soir d’un mouvement d’attroupement militaire de grande envergure qui a été observé dans les zones jordaniennes frontalières avec le sud de la Syrie. Citant des sources sous le couvert de l’anonymat, la télévision indique que ce mouvement d’attroupement implique des forces jordaniennes, britanniques ainsi qu’americaines. Ont été alignés dans cette zone des brigades de
chars britanniques lourds de type Challenger en compagnie de quelques 2.300 hommes armés, et un certain nombre d’hélicoptères de type Cobra et Black Huck.
En même temps, quelques 4.000 combattants qui avaient été formés en Jordanie se trouvent rassemblés dans la région d’al-Tanaf, frontalière entre la Syrie, l’Irak et la Jordanie.
L’expert britannique Charles Lister a publié sur son compte Twitter, Hammurabi’s Justice News, les photos de miliciens en compagnie de militaires américains dans ce passage, assurant qu’ils appartiennent au groupe Maghawir al-Thowra qui a été entrainé afin de combattre Daesh. …  Lundi, le ministre des Affaires étrangères Walid al-Mouallem avait averti la Jordanie de toute action militaire en Syrie sans coordination avec le gouvernement syrien, assurant qu’elle sera considérée comme étant « une acte hostile ». Il avait assuré que la prochaine destination de l’armée syrienne et de ses alliées est de reconquérir toutes les zones frontalières avec la Jordanie et l’Irak, en passant par le désert syrien connu sous le nom « badia ».

Vor zwei Tagen:

Vendredi, indique Média de guerre, citant comme source les sites de coordination des rebelles, (le SAA) a conquis un certain nombre de collines, connues sous le nom Mohaddad …Dans la foulée de cette progression, elle a conquis le triangle Zaza, situé à l’est de Al-Sabea Biar dans la province est de Damas et qui sépare la province est de Homs, de la province est de Damas, ainsi que le village Rasem-Hamida situé à l’est de la série montagneuse de Choumariyyah.
Selon Press TV, en réaction à cette remarquable victoire, les groupes terroristes Jaïch Ossoud al-Charkiya et Liwa Shuhada al-Qaryatayn ont lancé une série d’offensives contre les positions de l’armée syrienne à Saba Biar et Zaza, dans le désert de Syrie.
Sachant que ces milices sont soutenues par les Américains stationnées dans les régions jordaniennes frontalières avec la Syrie.

Reuters heute: Syrian army sends reinforcements toward border with Iraq: rebels

The Syrian army aided by Iranian-backed militias was moving troops to a desert region near its border with Iraq and Jordan just as U.S. backed rebels are consolidating control in an area from which Islamic State militants had recently pulled (!!) out, rebel sources and commanders said on Monday.
They said their intelligence showed that hundreds of Syrian troops and Iranian-backed Shi’ite militias with tanks and heavy equipment had moved in the last few days to the town of Sabaa Biyar, in a sparsely populated desert territory that goes all the way to the Jordanian and Iraqi border known as the Syrian Badia.
The remote town near the strategic Damascus-Baghdad highway was captured by the army and its allies last week as they seek to prevent areas left by the hardline militants from falling into the hands of Western-backed moderate Free Syrian Army (FSA) rebels say.
„They have sent big reinforcements from artillery, to tanks and armored vehicles,“ said Major Issam Al Reis, the spokesperson for the so-called Southern Front group of Western-backed FSA rebel groups.
The Syrian army has been alarmed by two months of FSA advances against Islamic State that allowed the rebels to secure a large swathe of sparsely populated territory stretching from the town of Bir Qassab, some 50 km (30 miles) southeast of Damascus, all the way to the borders with Iraq and Jordan. …
The Syrian government warplanes struck rebel outposts near the borders with Jordan and Iraq last Tuesday. …
But the push by the Syrian army and its Iranian backed allies could risk bringing them to close to the Tanf base near the Iraqi border where U.S. special forces operate and train FSA rebels, rebels said.
The base is being expanded to become a launching pad for operations to oust militants from the eastern province of Deir Zor, that straddles Iraq, from the south east of Syria, regional intelligence sources say.
But the presence of Iranian-backed militias from Iraq and Lebanon’s Hezbollah in that area has alarmed Jordan, a U.S. ally … Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said the kingdom did not accept the presence of these Shi’ite militias as much they fought the threat of the ultra-hardline radical Sunnis.
Rebels say the ultimate goal of the Syrian army’s push in the Badia was to link its forces with Iraq’s Shi’ite paramilitary groups on the other side of the border.
The Damascus-Baghdad highway was a major weapons supply route for Iranian weapons into Syria until Islamic State seized large territory along the Iraqi Syrian border, regional intelligence sources says.
Rebels say they have begun this week to target outposts they believed were manned by Iranian backed militias.
„The Syrian desert will not accept new occupiers it got rid of Baghdadi’s caliphate (Islamic States head) not so that Iran’s terrorist militias take its place. It is our strategic depth,“ said Captain Ahmed Tamer, the head of the Ahmed Abdo Martyrs Forces.


Stabilizing Syria and recognizing Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights
Israel has two requests regarding Syria. Firstly, it wants to ensure that its security interests are accounted for in any deal that Trump would reach with Russia aimed at ending the civil war in the country.
Specifically, Israel wants to make sure that Iran and Hezbollah will not remain in Syria at the end of the war and will not be allowed to establish a presence on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights.
Israel’s second demand (!) … recognition from Trump for Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan, which was conquered 50 years ago during the Six Day War.
This … was reiterated last week by Intelligence Minister Israel Katz, who proposed that Jerusalem and Washington reach a five-pointed understanding on the issue of the Syrian civil war and the implications it has on Israel’s security.

Ziehe ich zusätzlich in Betracht, daß die ICG die Hezbollah etwa seit einem Vierteljahr „mit Engelszungen“ auffordert, sich aus Syrien zurück zu ziehen, um Schaden von sich zu wenden, liegt ein Ultimatum an Trump vor, das Netanyahu ihm mit maßgeblichen Kräften der NATO im Rücken stellt. Die israelischen Forderungen sind nur um den Preis der Zerstörung mindestens Damaskus, wenn nicht zusätzlich Beiruts zu erfüllen, es sei denn, die USA stellten ihre Nuklearmacht hinter ein Ultimatum zum Abzug der SAA aus der Hauptstadt. Zur Vorbereitung solch eines Ultimatums haben IDF und EUCOM ein „Pressing“ gegen die syrischen Truppen im südöstlichen Umland Damaskus begonnen, das jederzeit mit einer False Flag Operation zur „Peripetie“ eskaliert werden kann.

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  1. Ein Sheeple schreibt:

    Wenn das wirklich so weitergeht hat Russland mit dem Zulassen dieser US Offensive den Syrienkrieg vollständig und umfänglich verloren und kann sein Basen am Mittelmeer eigentlich gleich schließen. Eine Aufspaltung Syriens, wie sie auch immer aussehen mag ist ein totaler Sieg der Chaosvögel, den das war ja schließlich das erklärte Ziel dieser die ganze Zeit.

    Gefällt mir

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