Robert Gates erzählt ein paar Wahrheiten über die „Allianz der Demokratien“


[I]t’s not just on military spending that the new administration needs to take a tough stand with allies. Germany must be held to account not just for its pathetic level of military spending, but also for trading the economic and security interests of Poland and Ukraine for the economic benefits of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline running from Russia to Germany.

Turkey’s purchase of the Russian S-400 air defense system against repeated American warnings must have costs. (Recently imposed sanctions are a good start.) And Ankara must also be held to account for its actions in Libya, the eastern Mediterranean and Syria that contravene the interests of other NATO allies and complicate efforts to achieve peace. Actions by member states contrary to the interests of other allies ought not be ignored.

The United States needs to take the lead in NATO, an “alliance of democracies,” to devise consequences for member states — such as Turkey, Hungary and, increasingly, Poland — that move toward (or have fully embraced) authoritarianism. There is no provision in the NATO Charter for removing a member state, but creative diplomacy is possible, including suspension or other punitive steps.

Kriegsmobilisierung gegen China und EU

The multidimensional competition with China and transnational challenges require the formal involvement of agencies previously not considered part of the national security apparatus and new approaches to achieving true “whole of government” American strategies and operations. (…)

While the United States cannot compete directly with China’s Belt and Road projects and development assistance, we should look for ways to leverage the power of our private sector. American corporations can partner with the United States government in countries around the world that offer both sound investment prospects and opportunities to advance American interests.

Die fälligen Kommentare sind in diesem Blog erhältlich, keine Lust sie zu wiederholen. Aktuell verrät Gates, worauf die Russland-Offensive des Pentagon und des Nationalen Sicherheitsrates zielt, die in der EU gar keine, in der NATO einstweilen eine schwächliche Resonanz hat. Eine beträchtliche mittelbare Rolle dürfte Joe Bidens Demenz in der Sache spielen.

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