Föderale Machtergreifung in den USA – Zusatz

Schaut euch die Bildstrecke im jüngsten ToI-Artikel an: As House debates impeachment, US Capitol packed with National Guardsmen.

Ausschnitte des AFP-Textes dazu:

Lawmakers walked among armed National Guard patrols in the halls of the US Capitol on Wednesday, as downtown Washington was fenced off and boarded up while Congress weighed a historic second impeachment of US President Donald Trump.

Hundreds of National Guard members in body armor and camouflage could be seen asleep or resting on floors inside the Capitol, their black rifles leaning against the polished stone walls of the building’s halls.
Lawmakers are back in the building to decide whether to formally accuse the president of inciting the mob that stormed the Capitol last week …

The city of more than 700,000 inhabitants is subdued, one week before the presidential inauguration of Joe Biden on the steps of the Capitol.

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